Dalmatian and German Shepherd

While this year of school is almost over, I thought it would be a fun idea to make some softies for my little brothers (I have got one brother who is 6 now, and the other is 3). They absolutely love a series called ”Paw Patrol”, so of course I had to make Marshall and Chase. But when I had made them, I thought they would fall from grace if I dressed them up like in ”Paw Patrol” (not that I do not like the series, I honestly think it is really fun). So before dressing them up I used them as a general pattern for a dog. With some variations you can basically make any kind of dog.

Here they are sitting on my couch:


The pattern
I used a 4 mm crochet needle and matching yarn. You will need a darling needle, some fiberfill and a stitch marker. For the eyes I used 10 mm safety eyes, but you can also crochet eyes or embroider eyes on your dog.

Used abbreviations:

  • sc – single crochet
  • sl st – slip stitch
  • mr – magic ring
  • inc – increase
  • dec – decrease
  • FO – fasten off
  • ch – chain
  • till end – till end of round


MR 6

  1. inc around
  2. *sc, inc* 6x
  3. *sc 2, inc* 6x
  4. *sc 3, inc* 6x
  5. *sc 4, inc* 6x

6-11. sc around

12. *sc4, dec*
13-15. sc around
16. *sc 4, inc*

17-22. sc around

23. *sc 4, dec*

24. *sc 3, dec*

25. *sc 2, dec*

26. *sc, dec*

27. dec around

Sl st and FO, close hole and leave a long end for sewing.


MR 6

  1. Inc around
  2. *sc, inc * 6x

3-6. Sc around

  1. Sc 5, *inc, sc* 6x, sc
  2. Sc 6, *inc, sc 2* 6x
  3. Sc 6, *inc, sc 3* 6x

10-17. Sc around

18. *sc 4, dec* 6x

19. *sc 3, dec* 6x

20. *sc 2, dec*, 6x

21. *sc, dec* 6x

22. dec around

Sl st and FO, close hole and leave long end for sewing.


Chain 17

1-4. Sc around

Sl st and FO, leave long end


MR 4

  1. Inc around

2-3. Sc around

  1. *sc, inc * 4x

For normal ears:
5-9. sc around

sl st and FO, leave long end.

For drooping ears:

5-7. Sc around

8. *sc 2, inc * 4x

    9-11. Sc around

    12. Sc 3, dec 3, sc 4 (incomplete round)

      Sl st and FO, leave long end.

      Front legs

      MR 6

      1. Inc around
      2. *sc, inc *
      3. Sc 4, dec 6, sc till end of round

      4-16. Sc around

      Sl st and FO, leave long end

      Hind legs

      MR 6

      1. Inc around
      2. *sc, inc *
      3. Sc 4, dec 6, sc till end of round

      4-11. Sc around

      12-13. Sc, dec, sc 4, inc, sc 4

      14-18. Sc around

      Sl st and FO, leave long end


      MR 4

      1-4. Sc around

      5. Sc, inc, sc 2

        6-9. Sc around

        10. Sc, inc, sc 3
        11-14. Sc around

        15. Sc, inc, sc 4

          Sl st and FO, leave long end

          If you use safety eyes, insert them between rounds 9-10. Sew everything in place. You can use my pictures for placement.





          And that’s it! I wish you good luck with your project and I hope you like my pattern! If you have any questions or just want to show me your pups (I’d love to see how they turned out :D), please email me on anonymouscrochet@hotmail.com. You can also follow me on Instagram for pictures of my projects and for the adventures of the Traveling Dinosaur (@anonymouscrochet)!

          This pattern is for personal use only. You may sell any of your pups, but please do not sell this pattern nor claim it as your own. Thanks!

          You like this pattern and want to support me in making more like them? Please purchase one of my paid patterns on Ravelry! 🙂 Check them out here: https://www.ravelry.com/designers/anonymous-crochet
          Thank you in advance!


          15 thoughts on “Dalmatian and German Shepherd

          1. I have been looking for HOURS on Pinterset and Google search for free patterns to use to create Paw Patrol dogs for grandchildren- THANK YOU. theses are perfect because they are not too small and look great. I willi adapt the Dalmatian to make Sky. STARTING right now


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