This summer I went to the cinema for the awesome movie “Jurassic World”, and fell in love with the Raptor Squad. That’s why I decided to make a velociraptor on my vacation with my dad. We went touring with our camper though Austria, Italy and Switzerland. (It was really nice, I totally recommend you going there!) Of course I had the great opportunity to make some awesome pictures with my new raptor there 😉



The pattern:

You will need the following:

  • a crochet needle with matching yarn;
  • a stitch marker;
  • a darling needle;
  • a pair of safety eyes.



MR 4

  1. Inc around
  2. *sc, inc * 4x

3-4. Sc around

  1. *Sc 2, inc* 4x

6-7. Sc around

  1. *sc 3, inc * 4x

8-12. Sc around

  1. *sc 2, dec* 5x
  2. *sc, inc * 5x
  3. Dec around

Sl st and FO, leave long end for sewing.



MR 6

1. Inc around

2. *sc, inc* 6x

3. *sc 2, inc* 6x

4. *sc 3, inc* 6x

5-21. Sc around

22. Sc 12, dec 6, sc 6

23. Sc around

24. Sc 9, dec 6, sc 3

25-27. Sc around

28. Sc 10, dec, sc, dec, sc 3

29-32. Sc around

33. Sc 10, dec 2, sc 2

34-37. Sc around

38. Sc 10, dec

39. Sc, dec, sc 8

40-46. Sc around

47. Sc, dec, sc 7

48. Sc, dec, sc 6

49-53. Sc around

54. Sc 2, dec, sc 4

55. Sc 2, dec, sc 3

56-58. Sc around

59. Dec around

FO and close hole.

Sl st and FO, leave long end for sewing.



Chain 12

1-6. Sc around

  1. *sc 2, inc*

4xSl st, FO, leave long end for sewing.

Round 7 is the bottom of the neck. That’s the side that must be sewn to the body.



MR 6

  1. Inc around
  2. In BLO: sc around
  3. Sc 3, dec 2, sc 5

4-10. Sc around

  1. Sc 4, inc 2, sc 4
  2. Sc 5, inc, sc, inc, sc 2, dec
  3. Sc, dec, sc 10
  4. Sc 6, inc 2, sc 2, dec
  5. Sc, dec, sc 10

Sl st, FO, leave long end for sewing.



MR 6

  1. In BLO: sc around

2-5. Sc around

  1. Sc, inc, sc, dec, sc
  2. Sc around
  3. Sc 2, inc, sc, dec
  4. Sc around

Sl st, FO, leave long end for sewing.

The velociraptor has two kinds of toes:
– Big toe: chain 4, sc, hdc, dc, sl st in next back loop;
– small toe: chain 4, sc 3, sl st in next loop.
The hind legs have 4 big toes. The first front leg has the following pattern: big, big, big, small. The other one with: small, big, big, big. See my pictures for help.

DSC_0115_5 DSC_0109_5 DSC_0107_4

Sew the parts into place. You can use my pictures for placement. Sew the front legs on with the small toes facing the inside.

And that’s it! I hope you like him! If you have any questions, find any mistakes in this pattern or just want to show me your Velosiraptor (I’d really love to see them :D), please email me on You can also follow me on Instagram for pictures of my projects and for the adventures of the Traveling Dinosaur (@anonymouscrochet)!


This pattern is for personal use only. You may sell any Velosiraptors you make, but please do not sell this pattern nor claim it as your own. Thanks!


5 thoughts on “Velociraptor

  1. Kelley

    Hi! I’m attempting to make this and I’m having no luck! Still working on the tail! Can I ask what size hook you used?


  2. Sarah

    I made a Velociraptor and it came out great. I made a head and neck using a left over piece of bulky yarn. The body I made exactly from the pattern out of 4 weight Lion’s Brand Vanna’s Choice “Dusty Green” using a 2.75 hook. The legs I made from a darker green. The back legs were exactly from the pattern here. For the front legs I modified the pattern a bit and I added simple three toe pieces for each front leg.
    Front Leg: MR 6. Row 1: in Back Loop Only sc around. Row 2: sc, inc, 2 sc, inc, sc (8). Rows 3 to 5: sc around. Row 6: 3 sc, dec, sc, dec, sl st, Fasten Off, leave end for sewing.
    Toes: ch 5, sl st 4, ch 6, sl st 5, ch 5 sl st 4.


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