Tiny Smaug

A few days ago I bought my first crochet magazine. I always found they were much too expensive for me, a 16-year old with only limited pocket money and a boatload of hobbys, but I was really curious for them and this one had a really cute pattern of a Mammoth in it. I simply had to buy it. 

One of the articles in the magazine was about UFOs (UnFinished Objects). Something else that I have a boatload of. It told me to finish at least one UFO before starting something new. So I chose to finally get my Smaug pattern done. I started it about a year ago, when the last part of The Hobbit was in the cinemas. I am an enormous fan of The Hobbit and an even bigger fan of dragons, so I made a little Smaug and went to the cinema with him. I already wrote the pattern on paper to be written in the computer, but then I lost it… Luckily I recently found it back, it is all typed out now.



Tiny smaug: the pattern
Smaug is made with a 4mm hook and matching yarn. You will also need some felt, some textile glue or something to sew the horns on with. I made eyes with felt, but you can also use safety-eyes. You will also need a darling needle.


MR 4

sc around

Inc around

3-5. Sc around

6. *sc, inc* 4x

7-10. Sc around

11. Sc, 4 dec, sc 3

12. Sc, 2 dec, sc 3

13-21 sc around

FO and leave a long end for sewing.


MR 6

Inc around

*sc, inc* 6x

3-8. Sc around

9. Sc 5, 2 dec, sc 7

10. Sc around

11. Sc 4, dec, sc, dec, sc 7

12. Sc around

13. Sc 4, 2 dec, sc 6

14. Sc around

15. Sc 3, dec, sc, dec, sc 4

16-17. Sc around

18. *sc 3, dec* 2x

19-25. Sc around

26. *sc 2, dec* 2x

27-34. Sc around

35. *sc, dec* 2x

36-40. Sc around

FO and weave in ends.

WING (make 2)

Chain 31, turn

Sc 15, 2 dec, sc 16, chain 1, turn

From now on, crochet in back loops only:

2. Sc 15, 2 dec, sc 9, chain 3, turn

3. Sc 10, 2 dec, sc 14, chain 2, turn

4. Sc 14, 2 dec, sc 9, chain 2, turn

5. Sc 9, 2 dec, sc 13, chain 1, turn

6. Sc 12, 2 dec, sc 8, chain 1, turn

7. Sc 7, 2 dec, sc 7, chain 1, turn

8. Sc 6, 2 dec, sc 5, chain 1, turn

9. Sc 4, 2 dec, sc 4, chain 1, turn

10. Sc 3, 2 dec, sc 2, chain 1, turn

11. Sc, 2 dec, sc

FO and weave in ends


For the fingers I picked 3 loops to make the fingers in. I picked the one on the corner of the wing and the ones next to the middle one (see my pictures for reference).

In 1st loop: chain 2, sc, sl st

In 2nd loop: chain 3, sc 2, sl st 

In 3rd loop: chain 2, sc, sl st

FO and weave in ends.

LEGS (make 2)

MR 6

In back loops only: sc 2, dec, sc 2

2-5. Sc around

6. Sc 3, inc, sc

7. Sc 3, 2 inc, sc

8. Dec, sc 6

9. Sc around

FO and leave a long end for sewing.
Sew everything in place, using my pictures as reference. Cut the horns out of your felt, put them on with fabric glue or sew them on. When using the glue, make sure they dry well, otherwise they might fall off (happend a lot with me, but then again I used cheap glue). 





Now you have your own tiny Smaug! If you have any questions or want to show me how your Smaug turned out (I’d really like to see), please send me an email on anonymouscrochet@hotmail.com. You can also follow me on Instagram for pictures of my projects and for the adventures of the Traveling Dinosaur (@anonymouscrochet)!

I hope you like the pattern! 

You may sell any Smaugs you made, but please do not sell this pattern nor claim it as your own. This pattern is for personal use only. You may of course link to my blog, please let me know if you do so 😉 


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