Barry the Tiny Brachiosaurus 

Hey guys! As some of you may have seen on my Instagram (@anonymouscrochet), I’m  spending my summer holiday in Thailand. The first week we’ve been traveling a lot. We’ve seen Bangkok, Ayutthaya, Khao Yai National Park and much more. The past week I’ve had some time to relax at Koh Tao and Koh Pangan, so I finally had time to make a new pattern. I planned on finishing the pattern last night, but I was interrupted by this HUGE SPIDER IN MY ROOM AND OH MY GOD IT IS JUST AS BIG AS BARRY so my sister and I had someone of the staff get rid of this hellish creature. Unfortunately when we entered the bathroom we found ANOTHER A LITTLE SMALLER BUT STILL AS BIG AS THE PALM OF MY HAND so we tried to catch it in a glass BUT IT DIDN’T FIT INSIDE THE GLASS thus all of my time was wasted screaming and crying over these Thai spiders. God, do I miss Holland now.

There isn’t really a story behind this pattern, just that I wanted to play with shapes and crocheting in one piece. That’s why this dinosaur only needs some sewing in his legs and tail. I’m really glad how he turned out, I hope you will like him too!

Barry the Tiny Brachiosaurus 


For a Barry you need some yarn with a matching crochet hook, a bit of black to emboider the eyes, a stitch marker,  a darling needle and some fiberfill.

St – stitch
Sc – single crochet
Dc – double crochet
Inc – 2 sc in the next st
Dec – decrease while crocheting 2 sc together
Sc3tog – decrease while crocheting 3 sc together
Dc3tog – decrease while crocheting 3 dc together
FO – fasten off

MR 6
1. Inc around
2-5. Sc around (12)
DON’T fasten off the fourth leg.

6. Sc 9 on each leg, starting on the fourth leg, to make one round of 36 st.
7-14. Sc around (36)
Sew close the hole made by the remaining stitches in a “+ like” shape. See my pictures.
15. Sc 10, dc3tog 6x, sc 8 (24)
16. Sc 4, sc3tog, *dc3tog* 4x, sc3tog sc 2 (12)
Start stuffing your dinosaur. Easiest is stuffing the legs first, and then the body.
17-26. Sc around
27. Sc 2, *3 dc in next st* 3x, sc 7 (18)
28-30. Sc around
31. Sc 2, dc3tog 3x, sc 7 (12)
Stuff the neck and head.
32. Dec around (6)

MR 6
1-2. Sc around
3. Sc, inc, sc 4 (7)
4-6. Sc around
7. Sc, inc, sc 5 (8)
8-9. Sc around
10. Sc, inc, sc 6 (9)
11. Sc around
12. Sc, inc, sc 7 (10)
13. Sc around
14. Sc 2, inc, sc 7 (11)
15. Sc around
16. Sc 3, inc, sc 7 (12)
17. Sc 4, inc, sc 7 (13)
15. Sc 5, inc, sc 7 (14)

Stuff the tail and sew to the body, using the side with the increases as the upper side. Emboider some eyes on your dinosaur. If you prefer, you can emboider stripes on Barry’s back to close the holes made by the dc’s.

Before sewing the legs together

After sewing the legs together

And that is it! I hope you like him! If you have any questions about this pattern, see any mistakes in this pattern or just want to show me your Barry (I’d love to see how they turned out 😉 ), please email me on or send me a message on Instagram (@anonymouscrochet)!


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