Small Pokeball pattern

Hey guys! I’ve had some time college starts next week, so here’s a small pattern I got to write. I hope you like it! If you have any questions or find a mistake in this pattern, please email me on 😉

You can also follow me on Instagram (@anonymouscrochet) for my latest projects and the adventures of the Traveling Dinosaur! 😀

The pattern is written in US terms. For abbreviations, please check my other patterns.

Pokeball pattern

Repeat everything between **

Start in red.
MR 6
1. Inc around
2. *sc, inc* 6x
3. *sc 2, inc* 6x
4. *sc 3, inc* 6x
5. *sc 4, inc* 6x
6. *sc 5, inc* 6x
7-9. Sc around
10. Change to black, sc around
11. Change to white, sc around
12-13. Sc around
14. *sc 5, dec* 6x
15. *sc 4, dec* 6x
16. *sc 3, dec* 6x
17. *sc 2, dec* 6x
18. *sc, dec* 6x
19. Dec around
FO and close hole.

MR 6
1. Inc around
FO, leave some thread for sewing.
MR 8, close ring with a sl st and FO. Leave some tread for sewing.
Sew the white part on the front of the sc’s in the 1st round of the black part to make the button.

Sew the button on the black stripe, make sure the stripe is under the middle of your button. If you want you can make a small keyring on the red top of the pokeball to turn it into a keychain.

This pattern is for personal use only. You may sell any pokeballs you make, but please do not sell this pattern nor claim it as your own.


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