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Small Pokeball pattern

Hey guys! I’ve had some time college starts next week, so here’s a small pattern I got to write. I hope you like it! If you have any questions or find a mistake in this pattern, please email me on … Continue reading

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Barry the Tiny Brachiosaurus 

Hey guys! As some of you may have seen on my Instagram (@anonymouscrochet), I’m  spending my summer holiday in Thailand. The first week we’ve been traveling a lot. We’ve seen Bangkok, Ayutthaya, Khao Yai National Park and much more. The … Continue reading

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Zaza the Zebra

My new years resolution this year: to start finishing the unfinished.  I have a ton of projects I started but never ended. Sadly, because this year is (hopefully) my last year of highschool, I don’t have that much time to actually … Continue reading

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Shorn the shaveable Sheep

This summer I made a sheep, but didn’t know if I’d make it fluffy or shaven. I’m not that good at crocheting with fluffy yarn yet, so I decided to make a sheep that you can ‘shave’ by taking off … Continue reading

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Tiny Smaug

A few days ago I bought my first crochet magazine. I always found they were much too expensive for me, a 16-year old with only limited pocket money and a boatload of hobbys, but I was really curious for them … Continue reading

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Squishy the Tiny whale

Here in Holland we have this holiday called “Koningsdag”. On this day we celebrate the birthday of our king, and each town holds its own jumble sale. Everybody sells their old junk, children have made all kinds off stuff like … Continue reading

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This summer I went to the cinema for the awesome movie “Jurassic World”, and fell in love with the Raptor Squad. That’s why I decided to make a velociraptor on my vacation with my dad. We went touring with our … Continue reading

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